Aircraft Carrier Quality Advanced Thermal insulation System Provider


The company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of high-end thermal insulation field, provides customers with the whole category, whole process and high-quality professional services, and becomes a well-known and respected large enterprise group in the field of global thermal insulation materials.

Adhere to green, low-carbon, sustainable development, for human, for the society to create a better life brought by heat preservation

Adhere to green manufacturing, r&d and innovation, and constantly create better thermal insulation and energy saving products, save resources for customers and society, protect the environment, and help the sustainable development of human society with actions

All for customers, trust each other, happy work, here and now, I belong to, firmly believe that tomorrow we will be more wonderful


All departments, people, and resources exist to serve customers.


Speak without reserve, speak without reserve, be consistent in words and deeds, and be honest and upright; Clear direction, good at learning, know how to share and gratitude, let your happy feelings spread to everyone around.


Independent thinking, independent judgment, do not follow the crowd. Have the courage to make choices and take responsibility in work. Break the boundaries, take the initiative, and keep doing what's right. When needed, regardless of personal gain and loss, stand up and take responsibility.


Never stop innovating. Today's best performance is tomorrow's minimum requirement.


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