Materials Engineering Research Institute

The material Engineering Research Institute has 14 laboratories and owns a number of patents and software Copyrights. As the technical center, the institute is responsible for the company's product upgrading, technological innovation, new material research and development, etc. At present, it has achieved phased achievements in EHS nano rubber and plastic building ground floating sound insulation system, sewage pipe sound insulation and rapid installation, modular insulation air duct technology, rubber and plastic scraps recycling and other fields.

At the same time, establish and improve the independent innovation as the main body, the combination of technology innovation system, with hefei substance research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly built by compound such as big "university-enterprise cooperation, embedded in the way" mode of cooperation, promote the joint training institutes and enterprises r&d and design talents, realize the depth of docking industry talent echelon construction.

Huahui Testing Center

Huahui Testing Center of Wincell group, founded in 2019, is a professional independent third-party laboratory equipped with a large number of advanced professional testing instruments and equipment based on ISO/IEC1705 laboratory management system. It is capable of testing all kinds of building materials as stipulated in GB 8624-2012 "Classification of combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products".

Huahui testing center covers an area of about 800 square meters, the existing inspectors 10, 19 sets of main instruments and equipment, involving testing categories for fire prevention, energy saving, chemistry, with professional temperature, humidity control laboratory. In recent years, Huhui testing Center has participated in the establishment of a number of standards, independently undertake the inspection and acceptance of a number of large engineering projects, the qualified rate of the report ≥96%, timely rate of the test report ≥98%, equipment integrity rate ≥96%, customer satisfaction ≥98%, has won the trust and recognition of many customers and the society.

Each product is strictly in accordance with the "Wincell system" standard specification production, testing center: physical detection, fire detection, chemical detection, acoustic detection and all kinds of experience simulation laboratory, from the source of quality control and research and development, to provide the most basic and powerful quality assurance for product application.


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