Service outlets

Marketing mode innovation as one of the five development strategies to win, installation team is an important part of marketing mode. From design to production to construction, Wincell has its own installation team to complete the full range of services.
Wincell has set up service outlets across the country, and its installation and technical personnel have obtained a number of industry qualification certifications, serving customers with a high-quality professional team. In the future, the Group will continue to improve its service level, promote the upgrading of mechanical and electrical engineering professional contracting qualification and environmental protection qualification, and accelerate the construction of industry ecological service platform.

Installation qualification

  • 1, waterproof, anticorrosive and heat preservation engineering professional contracting grade 1
  • 2, metallurgical engineering construction general contracting level three
  • 3. Third grade of professional contracting for building mechanical and electrical installation engineering
  • 4, environmental protection engineering professional contracting grade THREE
  • 5, construction labor without grade

The cattle station

Why build Wincell Benniu Insulation Station?

As an aircraft-class high-end thermal insulation system service provider, Wincell is committed to building the whole industry ecosystem, solving users' pain points, improving user experience and optimizing industry dynamics.

Product features

1. Large volume and small transport radius;
2. Limited storage space of customers, short interval and high frequency of delivery demand;
3. Professional customized services cannot fully achieve automatic production;
4, quality standard differentiation, uncontrolled.

Promotional video

In order to solve users' pain points and improve user experience, Wincell Innovation puts forward the mode of "Wincell Benniu thermal Insulation Station", and the first batch of 30 seats are open nationwide!


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