Win partnership mechanism

Wincell has launched a comprehensive partnership plan to form a partnership mechanism of "sharing resources, creating values and sharing responsibilities".

"I invest, you run," we build the platform, you become the boss. Wincell has many years of quality reputation, brand influence, core equipment, operation and management advantages, to provide tangible and intangible asset support for partners, so that high-level talents with ability, partners who want to be the boss, through the platform and their own efforts, strong joint, open up a new career channel.

The mechanism aims at sharing resources with partners through institutional arrangements, helping partners to improve their operating ability, improve profitability and share industry dividends.

Who gets to be the winning partner?

As long as those who have ideals, can work hard, understand cooperation and dare to struggle,
A chance to join the winning partners.

Winning partner selection conditions, first of all, to have like-minded, to have common values; Secondly, know how to cooperate and share; Finally, there are certain resources and capabilities.

Give you a platform to realize your dream!

We look forward to having more responsible and ambitious people with entrepreneurial passion join the ranks of Wincell Business partners in the future to jointly protect the beautiful life brought by insulation and realize their own value.


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