Wincell - low carbon environmental protection

Adhere to green, low-carbon, sustainable development, for human and society to create a better life brought by thermal insulation, has been the enterprise mission of Wincell Insulation Group. Since its development, the company has been adhering to its mission, strengthening resource conservation and environmental protection, and practicing green development.

Improve the environmental management system

The Group actively implements innovative and leading environmental management systems in its management centers and production departments to promote sustainable development;

Innovative insulation production to reduce environmental load

The group continuously deepens and refines internal management links, implements energy saving and low carbon in product production links, constantly introduces advanced energy saving equipment, improves product energy saving and environmental protection technology level, and reduces production energy consumption.

Environmental protection in production activities

Through recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste in production activities, the group reduces environmental load and energy consumption such as water and electricity, and promotes the development of circular economy industry.

Wincell - sustainable development

Wincell Group always regards r&d and innovation strategy as the company's first core competitiveness, and has established and improved the technology innovation system with independent innovation as the main body and the combination of industry, university and research. The company has built national CMA, CNAS inspection and testing center, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Industrial Design Center, Taizhou Special environmental protection flame retardant rubber and plastic Insulation Engineering technology Research Center and other RESEARCH and testing platforms. Guided by industrial demand, the company promotes universities, institutes and enterprises to jointly train r&d and design talents. Together with Hefei Institute of Physical Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jiangsu Institute of Technology and other large institutions to create a "school-enterprise cooperation, whole-process embedding" cooperation mode, to achieve in-depth docking of industrial talent echelon construction.

Wincell - charity

Wincell Group is fully aware that as a member of the social family, it should fulfill its social responsibilities while providing quality products and services for the industry and customers. Since its establishment, the group has continuously given back to the society, actively engaged in various public welfare undertakings, protecting and promoting the harmonious development of the society.


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