Colourfull NBR Sheet

Plate structure, can be customized according to customer requirements, rubber and plastic color. Using a special process to blend pigment into rubber and plastic, can meet customers in beautiful, convenient differentiation (such as the separation of effluent and backwater) and other requirements.

  • 密度40-80kg/m³
  • 导热系数-20℃时≤0.030
  • 使用温度-50℃-110℃


Mainly NBR/PVC as the main raw material, cooperate with flame retardant agent, foaming agent, curing agent, promoter and stabilizer, strengthening agent, such as additives, end spacing, mixing, extrusion, curing, foaming, cooling, cutting and become, has a small independent closed pore structure, heat preservation performance is good, good compression resilience, strong ability to resist water vapor permeability, good fireproof performance, low smoke non-toxic, Safe and reliable, long service life.


It is suitable for the main engine of commercial air conditioner and the room with many kinds of pipes.


Better thermal insulation effect

initial thermal conductivity of 0.032W (M.K) 0℃ WINCELL rubber plastic adopts a special formula process, has a completely closed bubble internal structure, lower thermal conductivity is more stable, long-term operation energy saving effect is obvious.

More security guarantee

WINCELL rubber and plastic obtained CQC certification. The combustion performance of its products reaches GB8624 standard B1 (additional grade: smoke S2, combustion droppings D0, smoke toxicity T1), is the customer's choice of win rubber and plastic confidence guarantee.

Longer service life

wet resistance factor μ≥10000 WINCELL rubber and plastic completely closed foam structure can effectively prevent the infiltration of external water vapor, ensure the long-term stability of the physical properties of the material, prolong the service life of the product in various environments.

More convenient installation

wide application, easy installation, short construction period, high efficiency, more economic!

Technical parameter

Colourfull NBR Sheet

  • Performance items
  • Technical parameter
  • Executive standard
  • 表观密度 Kg/m³
  • 40-80
  • GB/T 6343
  • 导热系数 W/(m·k)
  • -20℃时 ≤0.030;0℃时 ≤0.032;40℃时 ≤0.037
  • GB/T10294
  • 透湿系数g/(m·s·Pa)
  • ≤1.96x10∧-11
  • GB/T17146
  • 湿阻因子
  • ≥10000
  • GB/T17146
  • 真空吸水率 %
  • ≤8
  • GB/T 17794
  • 燃烧性能
  • B1 级 (B 级-s2,d0,t1)
  • GB 8624
  • 燃烧产烟毒性
  • 燃烧产烟毒性
  • GB/T20285
  • 尺寸稳定性 %
  • (105℃±3℃,7d) ≤10
  • GB/T 8811
  • 压缩回弹率 %
  • (压缩率50%,72h) ≥70
  • GB/T6669
  • 抗老化性 150h
  • 轻微起皱,无裂纹,无针孔,不变形
  • GB/T 16259
  • 适用温度范围 ℃
  • -50~110
  • GB/T 17794


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