Digital Wincell

  • The group won the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology manufacturing and Internet integration development demonstration enterprise

  • Jiangsu Province digital transformation demonstration application enterprise

  • Jiangsu Province industrial Internet development demonstration enterprise

  • Jiangsu province service manufacturing demonstration enterprise

  • Jiangsu Green Factory

  • Jiangsu province, the first five-star cloud enterprises

  • Jiangsu province industrial Internet benchmark factory and other related digital field of honor

Wincell digital universe

Wincell digital universe

  • Digital factory
  • Digital strategy
  • Industry of interconnected
  • Digital empowerment

Digital factory

Wincell digital factory, production-cargo-storage-maintenance series, real-time intelligent analysis, quality and quantity assurance

Digital strategy

Wincell establishes replicable digital factory management system, integrates production, supply and marketing, and realizes system integration.

Industry of interconnected

Wincell to build industrial Internet, get through the data-business process of industrial chain, and give full play to the economic energy efficiency of data

Digital empowerment

Wincell will connect the research and development testing - customer relationship - data platform to empower the industry in the form of digital industrial Internet platform.


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